Hello all!

I run a hair and beauty salon in the UK and we're currently undergoing a major renovation, and as part of that renovation we're looking to put up three 4K televisions, one on top of the other, from floor to ceiling, with the televisions suspended horizontally but together forming a vertical arrangement. Think of the multi-display televisions you see in duty-free shops at airports!

On this arrangements we're looking to display a rolling one-hour video featuring colourful abstract footage, interspersing shots of hair with videos of things we see around our city. My question is, how does one go about:

  • Editing vertical footage
  • Connecting the three 4K televisions together so that they act as one large vertical portrait-oriented display
  • Have the connected displays play that vertical footage on a continuous roll

I can appreciate if this is quite a complicated thing to do! We've already bought the three 4K televisions but can of course return them if the results we're looking for aren't within reach.

Also, what's the deal with using 1080p footage on a display of that size? We would of course shoot the footage vertically but will the results look okay upscaled across the three 4K displays?

Many thanks! And all the very best,

Tony Wood