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Thread: how do i do this?

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    Default how do i do this?

    hey, im using sony vegas and i want to do something like this:

    im talking about the 2015 in the beginning


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    Track 1 - Simple Text white on black (eg "2015")
    Track 2 and Track 3 each have a copy of your video.

    Change the composite mode of track 1 to Multiply(Mask)

    Now you will see the video showing through the text in a black background.

    Parent track 2 to track 1.

    Now you can see the whole video. Add a composite level envelope to track 3, start it at 0 and fade it in.sample.jpg

    Perhaps someone clever than me can explain how to attach a photo such that it doesn't shrink it o a ridiculous size (I've uploaded the above png at 3.5MB and 770KB but it redices it to what you see above)
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