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Thread: New Internet Reality show about 54 y/o woodworker turned Rap Star

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    Default New Internet Reality show about 54 y/o woodworker turned Rap Star

    This is a internet reality show about MC Yo Wassup a woodworker and jeweler who turned into a Rap GOD. It is a collection of new and old clips shot on a variet of camera's but mainly done with a Canon 60D and a Sony A99. The cut was made in Vegas and original aired on cable half a year ago.

    Diary Of A Rap Star - Acces Tucson - Ep1

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    The video is well done

    Quick question

    Access Tucson is a community access channel - it gives local groups, charities and organizations the opportunity to get their message on TV - how did you end up choosing this as your venue?

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    Sorry but I found this tedious and couldn't watch more than 5 minutes.
    The audio was poor - given that this is all about what the talent is saying (there is no real reason for any video at all other than to see what he looks like) this is a significant failing.
    What purpose was the lens flare supposed to serve?
    But the content itself - yawn. He's going on at one point about messages being comprehensible, yet he just waffles on and on so that any point he is trying to make is lost in the "noise" of the rest of it.
    If he was a big rap star, maybe he could get away with this (wouldn't make it any better), but why would anyone outside his family and fans listen to 20 minutes of this? He's not going to get a new audience.

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    MC wanted to get on cable and get reach a local audience with his music. After meeting with some staff at the station we put forward the idea of putting together a reality show using old footage and some new shots. The first three episodes were then made and put on the network however the show came to an end when Access Tucson closed their doors when the city shut them down through budget cuts 6 months ago. Now MC re-uploaded these video to his 2nd Youtube channel so that they can still be seen.

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