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Thread: Loading up 1440x1080 vids to YT MSP13 vs WMM 6.0

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    Default Loading up 1440x1080 vids to YT MSP13 vs WMM 6.0

    Hello all,

    I made a video from photographs in WMM 6.0 and saved it as a WMV, it came out at about 200 MB.
    Loaded it to YT and then embedded it in my website at 1440x1080, all very easy no problems at all, shows up as 1080 HD.

    Then I went onto MSP13 saved a similar video as MP4 at 900+ MB converted it using Any Video Converter to a lower file size but still as an MP4 at about 230 MB, loaded it to YT only to find that it was at 1920x1080, useless for my website far too small.

    Then I saved it again in MSP13 as an AVCHD at 700+ MB which unlike the MP4 was at 1440x1080 converted this in AVC to about 200 MB MP4 at 1440x1080 loaded it and YT converted it to 16:9 at 360p only.

    My last attempt was to convert the AVCHD to a WMV using AVC this showed up on YT as 640x480 at 360p but laughingly the wrong way round 640 high 480 wide

    I am going back to using WMM 6.0 sadly for my purposes MSP13 is worse than useless.

    Such is life

    Cheers - Jem

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    Sorry to read about your experiences. Many of us do not have such trouble using the preset Internet templates of Movie Studio Platinum.

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    Hello VKM,

    Thanks for your kind reply I'm quite sure that everything done in MSP13 in 16:9 will be perfect.

    Just as a matter of interest I just looked at the MSP13 AVCHD I did at 1440x1080 and saved at 725 MB and compared it with the WMM 6.0 WMV at 1440x1080 and saved at 230 MB. The WMM one is sharper and more detailed.

    It seems to me that all that glitters isn't necessarily gold.

    There we go you live and learn

    Cheers - Jem

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