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Thread: GPU for fast rendering

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    Default GPU for fast rendering

    Hello! Recently I have checked a lot of info about videocards and sony vegas. Before bying new card, I would like to be 100% sure it will work.

    So, I know gtx 600+ wont help to render fast. Also I need strong enough GPU for capturing my PC footage.

    Would R7/R9 380/370 use GPU and help to render faster in Sony Vegas? Is there any problems with opencl like with cuda in 600+ nVidia?

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    from my reading and interacting with lengthy discussions on the SCS Vegas Pro forum, my understanding is that an R9 380/390 is exactly the way to go. And that is what will be going in my new system.

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    For just a little more money you get a bit more bang with the R9 390X.

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    Thanks for an answers!

    So for sure this cards will take part in render process? Not like my gtx660 at this moment? =)

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