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    Hey everyone. Back again with another short film I edited. Once again its footage I got from Editstock. Third time using Adobe Premiere and messed around with the coloring a bit. Please let me know what you think of the editing job I did. All criticism is welcome. Thanks!
    An Ill Fated Fate

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    Great work here! I think you've got it paced well and kept it kept it interesting. Looking forward to your next!

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    I thought it improved once we got to the visitation scene. The opening scene felt rather slow. This may be down to the choices you had available, it may be down to the fact we didn't know the characters as so dramatic pauses are just time wasting. One thing that you need to watch out for is "crossing the line". This happened several times during the first scene and I find it quite a distraction. (Google "crossing the line" and "180 degree rule" if you're not familiar with it).
    The hospital scene was the "best" to my eyes and ears.
    I found it rather weird that you used the menacing sound effect in the final shot, but after that effect we still had several seconds of shot.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I just googled that Tim and I see what you mean there, I didn't realize that wasn't a good thing, I'll keep that in mind for future videos. And on the last shot I figured I would add that last bit of shot because I felt like it would give more emotionally if you only heard him screaming for his daughter, but maybe your right, I should've just ended it when the music cuts out.

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    Wow - really well done - the lighting stood out for me - great job

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