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    i have recently bought a fire wire cable so i can transfer video of my dv camcorder on to my pc to then burn on to dvd. i have installed the software that came with the video camera plugged it all in turned the camcoder on and nothing happened i went in to the software and it sayed camcoder has not been found. my video camera is a jvc gr-d21. my fire wire card also has two usb ports and that both work. i am not sure which thing is broken or not working - cable, camcorder or firewire card.

    if any one could help it would be very much appreciated as i have waited along time to buy the cable now i have bought it doesnt work.


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    Might be wrong here, but the software you've installed could just be for transferring still pictures - not video. So what software is it? (You don't need any particular installed app just to transfer video clips.)

    With your cable connected, as soon as you turn the cam on, you should hear that Windows 'new hardware detected' sound. If so, your connection is fine. Are you using WinXP?

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    i am using xp as my operating system. the software that came with it is image mixer with vcd ver 1.1. it says its for pictures and video. i dont hear anything when i plug it i and i dont get the new hardware found either. :cry:

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    Then you need to try another cable - or another firwire card. Give the cable awhirl on another person's PC.

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    Make sure the firewire card is OHCI compliant - if not you aint gonna be doin no capture.

    If it is check to see the slot of the card is clean and make sure u got updated drivers.

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    how do ic heck whether it is OHCI compatible.
    and i have searched on the internet many times for firewire drivers but everywhere i seem to look they say firewire doesnt need a driver.

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    i dont know any one else with a firewire card.

    can you get external firewire cards that plug in to usb or something?

    just wondering

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy3500
    i dont know any one else with a firewire card.

    can you get external firewire cards that plug in to usb or something?

    just wondering
    No, kinda defeats the object of having a firewire card if you put it through USB. :-/

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    Check Device Manger to confirm the 1394 host controller is properly configured.

    To open device manager (Window XP / Windows 2000) right click on my computer > choose manage > choose the device manager icon from the tree.

    You should see something like "IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers" which if you click will show something like "OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller". If the host controller is in ‘other devices’ then additional drivers are required for the host, check with the PCI card vendor or motherboard vendor for the appropriate drivers.

    If the host controller is not seen in device manager then it is probably disabled in the computer BIOS.

    Try another cable and host adapter. If after following the steps above you still have a problem then try another cable and another 1394 port.

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    Thanks for your help but i opened everything i device manager and never found anything that sayed IEEE1394 or anything close to that. i have checked in the bios but what would it be under in the bios. if this is any help i have an AMI bios.

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