For a couple of years I've been a big fan of Izotope RX for cleaning up audio. It's noise reduction surpasses Sony Noise Reduction 2 which in turn far surpasses the basic Sony Noise Reduction bundled with SoundForge Studio. The killer for me was ability to isolate particular noises using spectral repair.
Anyway the most recent version in the "standard" line now includes the De-Reverb module from the advanced line as well as a useful "instant repair" timesaver and I have to say I'm impressed. It's not perfect, but I think it's magic that anything can reduce reverb at all and it can certainly make something unusable into something slightly less unusable. Here are a couple of samples for anyone that's interested.
Audio was recorded with a Senheisser ME66, an OK mic with very good directional capabilities, but under less tha ideal conditions. The mic was 2-3 feet from the source (as opposed to the optimal 8 inches) and the room was a typical village hall with painted brick walls reflecting all sound.
The initial file (A2115 Take 2) has not been treated at all other than being normalised to -10dB RMS. The second is that file after I've used the De-Reverb, De-Noise and the Spectral Repair modules (Spectral repair to reduce the tap when the speaker says "Vamp"). As I say, it's not perfect, but it's certainly more usable and I've little doubt that I could improve on this result with more practice.