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Thread: Bumper played at Toronto After Dark

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    Default Bumper played at Toronto After Dark

    I shot a bumper which played at Toronto After Dark (TAD or sometimes it's called 'TADDY'). They loved it, it's an incredibly tough fest to get into, all the features are professional with distribution, actors like Simon Pegg etc... have turned up and I'm happy the bumper played there. It's a good laurel to have but this bumper was shot purely for that festival which was celebrating its 10th anniversary.

    Although I'm happy it played, I wanted to know if you think the bumper has any merit as a 'stand alone.' I can add more dialogue to it as there is more dialogue along the same lines but what do you think about it if it was a little longer, maybe as a short film to get into other festivals?

    Oh, and the last cast member is wearing the school uniform (the blazer) of the festival director. It's not 'his' blazer specifically, but it helped.

    What do you think? Is this potentially festival-worthy in other festivals?
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    I think it has merit as an idea, but it needs a re-think as far as script and shooting goes.

    The backstory is told by dialog - it's not a convincing conversation between two "proud parents" and never a good move. The audio needs work (there is too much room noise and the low rumbling part of the music interferes with the dialogue) and at least one of the shots was rather odd (eg 0:27).

    Sorry if that sounds harsh. And what do I know anyway? After all the audience loved it and it's great it got played at the festival. So big congratulations from me.

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    In terms of the short 'as is,' it's extremely targeted and one of the world's top ten genre festivals played it. I'm happy with that and it's not supposed to be 'real.' It's supposed to be a pastiche of a horror genre and contains specific elements relating to the fest and the festival director. Elements such as everything being done in conversation, no flashbacks etc... are part of the experience and a deliberate artistic choice.

    The question isn't 'is it good?' because good is relative and the festival loved it although it is festival-specific right down to the colouring and Dutch angles.

    What I'm looking to understand is whether a slightly longer version could work as a 'genuine' short outside of its specific audience. Clearly, not!
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