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    Another school project. My little brother is a music teacher, so I did a little promo for him. Not happy with our interview setup. I didn't light it very well. He wanted to use the mic and pop filter, but I should have vetoed that, just doesn't look good. But overall I like how this turned out...

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    The guitar playing shots were better than the rest - you are absolutely right about the mic. The rack focus at 0:20 is meant to be between guitar and music, but the framing highlights the inkjet printer in the background. This should have been recomposed to get rid of distractions. I also didn't like that you changed focus from guitar to score and then back again. Unless there's a real motivation, I'd avoid ever going back on yourself - from the viewer's point of view you've taken him on a journey from A to B but now you're going back (the same applies - but more so - if you pan one way and then the other in the same shot). I did not like the section full of shots of the Academy and the banners. One would have been OK and perhaps others dotted about, but three together felt like you were just padding the video. I didn't like that those shots were hand-held, either. These are fixed subjects, and a bit of hand held shakiness is not going to add excitement. Those shots felt distinctly like a tourist might take. (Contrast this with the guitar shots where I thought handheld worked well). 1:06 the shot moved around the classroom as your brother moved through the shot - this was fine, but the shot didn't settle anywhere specific. We are expecting the shout to lead us somewhere. Try to think of motivation for every shot and every movement.

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    The music was nice

    ditch the glasses and warm up the lighting

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    Thanks for the feedback on both vids guys. Tim, your advice is gold, it gives me a lot to think about on my next shoot. That's why I come here..: )

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