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    This was a project for school, a short narrative scene. The lighting setup wasn't the best, too many shadows. I think the set design come out great, we did a real good job with it, built from scratch in my dining room. Had to green screen one angle though. It was real challenging to edit 4 angles on a largely improvised script. Anyways, I’m open to critiques, so fire away…

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    What is this kid doing???

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    I'm going to assume you're talking about the Naruto ninja kid meandering around the shop. There were more scenes for him that ended up being cut from the skit. So now, he is just a random shopper dressed like a ninja. I like it, it just adds to the silliness of the whole thing...

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    Technically I think you did a good job. The reverse angle was obviously green screened - you'd blurred it too much compared with the long depth of field you had in the other shots. The editing was good and you never held the same shot for too long. Captured audio was clear and the background noise appropriate. You could have mixed in plenty of cutaways and extreme close ups to add to the sense of location - and ideally and external shopfront (but I appreciate that might be a tad tricky!).
    The concept had potential, but please don't improvise the script again. The problem is it's nowhere near tight enough and with improvised lines you don't really have an opportunity to tighten it in the edit.

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    The pace was a bit slow

    the comedy was ok but not really any knee-slappers

    well filmed for sure and I didn't mind the ninja kid - you need customers and background noises if it's a store

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