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Thread: Camcorder or dslr for filming my crow flying.

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    Default Camcorder or dslr for filming my crow flying.

    Hi there, I am completely new to camcorders, but I would like to be able to get a better video of my crow flying than I am getting from my mobile phone.I have an 8 mega pixel samsung phone but in low light and distance the video is not very clear.These are special moments for me as it is quite rare to be able to free fly a crow that comes back to you. I tried a panasonic 250 camcorder, but it seems easier hold the mobile and get her in pic than it did with panasonic, esp when she is on my shoulder.Also message on panasonic screen kept saying panning too fast, how can I not pan if the bird is moving!. Could any one recommend a camcorder or dslr that would be easy to hold and film her flying, I like to put vids on a crow forum, it would be nice if they were clearer.The panasonic did not have a view finder. Many thanks Barrie

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    If the crow is big enough it can probably carry the latest GoPro and Bob's your uncle

    this spring my wife and I took in seven orphaned ducklings

    three of them were sickly and two ended up dying from a bacteria called anatipastifer

    I spoke to a farm vet and she gave me some antibiotics to treat the third sick duckling - this one also had a broken leg from being trampled by the larger ducklings

    the course of antibiotics was three weeks and I had to make sure she was getting the medication day and night - so she was sleeping with me every night - you can see a picture of us in my Facebook (it is my cover shot)

    so I guess what I'm saying is you probably don't need 4K video to capture a special moment with your avian friend - even a single highly-pixellated low-light shot will be a great memory
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    Thanks for reply Vittorio, it's good you managed to save one duckling, good luck with that one.I would like to film her from ground, looking through lcd screen on panasonic seems really awkward, that's why I was thinking of getting camcorder with view finder, getting her in screen on phone is fairly easy, but video is not clear in low light or distance, I know roughly when she is going to fly, I need a cam that I can pic her out flying easier.Also when video goes on forum it gets a little worse.

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    The canon Vixia line has nice optics, good low light performance and a viewfinder (at least on some models)

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    Thank you Vittorio, I will check that one out.

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    What price range?

    A Sony A7S has great low light if you need it, add a zoom lens and a variable ND for sunny days and that's the kit I'd suggest. Also, would suggest a Manfrotto monopod with 701 fluid head to give the necessary stability at range.

    The 4k will assist in the edit afterwards because you can zoom in a little further.

    However, all this costs 2k GBP so what's the budget?

    Alternatively, maybe worth asking someone who films to come by and help you out. Maybe someone here would be happy to shoot and cut a little montage for you as I'm sure many people would be interested in seeing a crow flying around and coming back to you.
    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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    Thanks for advice gorillaonabike, I was after spending about 500 for a second hand camcorder.I have heard that you can get a good deal nowadays as second hand price of some has come down, due to mobile phone cameras getting better. I was thinking of selling my panasonic 250 , that I have only had for 2 weeks, maybe on ebay?. I know it is a fairly limited budjet, but as long as it's clearer than mobile phone vids.I put some vids of her flying on for love of Crows forum, they are not great, but to see her fly off and come back is absolutely exhilarating. If I move panasonic even slightly it sais panning too fast!

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