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Thread: Hello! Need some help with my video [cleaning]

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    Default Hello! Need some help with my video [cleaning]

    Hi Guys! My name is Tigran, from Armenia. Today i need some help/advise. Some time ago, one scum hit my car in yard, and run away. Why, where and who don't know. Police can't help me, because "there are no specialist", and they want to close the case. Unfortunately, there are only 2 security cams, that fix her face. One from far full face, and 1 from right side, and ok. I'am not a professional, but i try to zoom her face, and get only pixeled view. May be some of you can reffer me, what to do, where to go with my problem? Even half part of face can help my investigation. Any professionals, services? Ready to pay for good job even! Regard's

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    Do you have a link to the video?

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    i have video on my host. pls send me your email, i will send you an link

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    Note that the kind of zoom from security cameras you see in TV crime series simply doesn't work in the real world.

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    unfortunately i knew that :( However, any help, any ~good view may be can help me :( I need something, because now i don't have anything..

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