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Thread: Short Artist Documentary shot on A99 cut in Vegas 13

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    Default Short Artist Documentary shot on A99 cut in Vegas 13

    I put together my second artist interview with Jae Tilt a local Arizona artist. I stayed off the green screen and went with a black and white-ish feel to the coloring. Any suggestions for the future?

    TucStreet - Jae Tilt Interview

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    I like the video, you really get to know what the artist is all about. For the critique, I think the video is too long. I felt the first 3 minutes of this needed a lot more b-roll. You may lose viewers because it’s just a slow take off point to start the video with. I would probably have had his music playing from the get go, that way you can b-roll him performing through-out the video. Not a fan of the blow-out effect on the clips that start at 4:20 and beyond, they just last too long for my taste I guess. I like the color at around 5:30. Like I said, the overall video is a cool introduction for the artist. Just too long for today’s ADD culture..

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    Firstly, congrats on completing. I really liked the choice of edit in terms of what you chose to portray of the artist. I was interested so the narrative was good.

    Suggestion for the future:

    1. The height of the camera. I remember talking to an Oscar-nominated DoP who told me 'two inches makes a big difference.' I think he was talking about camera height... yes, he was. I'd suggest figuring out what you want to say with the height of the camera and using that.

    2. Music! Put some music in - he's talking about it!
    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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    I liked this one much more than the last one but I could identify with this fellow vs the other two jokesters I couldn't take seriously at all. 1stly I just liked the guy more and it was easier to watch without the green screen. It was definitely too long and he rambles a bit. Seems like there is a lot you could cut out without losing any substance. I was wondering where the music was, I would suggest some of his beats without the rapping to go under his commentary/interview and shorter clips of his video and more of them interspersed. I also think a better location might help a bit but all in all its a huge improvement over the last one.
    rock on!

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    Man I must say from the last video you posted which I couldn't even get through to this, it was a major improvement so props on taking advice. The interview went pretty good. The artists was sort of likeable as well as his music. The black and white wasn't a bad effect. As far as noise, I would watch out for background noise when you were interviewing him outside, because that takes away from him talking. Also were you the one shooting him while he was rapping in the studio and at the end or was that already shot and you added that into the interview?

    One other thing, when you started on the shout-outs the background with the black and white was all messed up. The exposure and the lighting in the background really messed up the shot from 4:30 till you went to his second part rapping. Not sure how to fix that because I don't know if that's how it was shot or something you fiddled with in editing.

    Overall decent job. Keep it up.

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    Thanks a lot.

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    Great job

    the camera was in some instances a bit high (looking down on the subject instead of at him)

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