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    Hello everyone! First at all i want to say sorry for my english...
    My name is Ruben and i'm from Argentina. I was searching for video images editors forums, that's how i came here. Honestly i don't have any idea of this, but im desperate.

    I have a video where you can see a white truck. Sadly video's resolution is very very poor, and the number of the truck can't be seen, because it's a security camera video. I need to know the number. That truck hurt people and just kept going. So please, someone can help me?. Probably what is gonna happen is that you can help because the resolution is very low, but i will keep trying, searching for more forums and posting. I uploaded this image from the video.

    subir imagenes

    Meaby you guys are wondering:
    1- Why don't you do it by yourself?
    Like i said, i have no idea of image video editing. I could learn, but it would take more time than i have...
    2- Why don't you take the video to police?
    Im from argentina, this country is corrupted, in fact, there was a video that dissapear, in that video surely truck's number would be seen.
    3- How can you spect that people who don't know you and never will spend their own time and effort to help you?
    Because i believe there is good people out there. People who wan't justice to be made.. Because i guess you guys like video image edition, meaby its a good test for you, i already don't know what to think..

    PD: Admins, if you consider this post unacceptable, please don't delete it or my account, once i read people don't want or can't help me, i will personaly delete it and move on in peace, no more post, i promise. Thanks you

    PD2: If there is some people insterested to help me out, i would appreacite it the rest of my life, and would upload the video.

    Thanks for your attention, if you think it's fake, i will give link to my facebook page, im just a desperate guy looking for help to make justice.

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    It's unlikely that i'll be able to retrieve the numberplate for you due to the resolution. But i'd be happy to give it a go, if you can get me the full video file somehow i'll see what i can do.

    Preferably not on youtube or anything else that will compress it further. Perhaps post a direct download link?

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    Thank you very much, here is the video:

    Camera105 - Segmento1.mp43.0 MB!0Z8WjJ4T

    Let me know if you have any problem downloading it, and i will upload it again if it's necessary.

    The number is composed by: 3 letters and 3 numbers ( for example ABC 123).
    Even if you can get one letter, it would mean a lot for me man.

    Thanks for your time, i hope you have succes, and even if you don't, i will apreacciate it the rest of my life.

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    That's no problem, i'll do my best.

    I just need the decryption key for the mega link please

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    Yeah, really sorry, this is the key:


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    I've upscaled and tried to clean it up as much as possible but the information simply isn't there. Also the camera pans upwards at a specific point where it would have been clearest but even then the resolution is so bad that i don't think anyone will be able to retrieve it.

    I'm so sorry that you're in this situation and really hope that you find the resolution that you deserve. Sorry i couldn't help you!

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    Thanks for you try man! Thanks a lot!


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