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Thread: Favorite all-around dslr video lens?

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    Default Favorite all-around dslr video lens?

    Hi guys, just scored a Canon 70d on eBay and I'm planning my next moves. I shoot corporate training videos and am wondering what your pick would be for an affordable all-rounder lens. Mostly indoor work, with occasional outdoor building equipment shots. The indoor work is a mix of interviews and shots of building equipment (boilers, machine rooms, power panels, etc).

    I currently have the standard lens that came with the camera (18-75mm I think) and a 50mm Canon lens ( the so-called "plastic wonder"). Ideally the all-rounder would have is and af, and by "affordable" I'm thinking sub-$1000 range, lower being better, but I know there are trade-offs there.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts?

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    I'd look for a Canon 24-105mm L Series or 28-70 L series.

    The 24-105 has IS and is a great piece of kit. You can often find them second hand but new as they're coupled with cameras at point of sale quite often. The 24-105mm is the cheaper of the two but is a decent lens and the IS can be handy although does affect battery life. The draw back to this is that its F4 so it's not great in low light especially with your sensor. You can remedy this with lighting however.

    the 28-70mm doesn't have IS, at least the version i used doesn't. This has the advantage to the 24-105mm as its F2.8 so you have that extra light for darker situations. But you do pay more and lose some length.

    There are Tamron alternatives that are also great and worth looking at.

    You should be able to get these for your budget

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