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Thread: Titel Deco Crashes

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    Default Titel Deco Crashes

    New to this Forum and hope someone might assist please.

    I am using Studio 8 and am frustrated with the problems that I have encountered such as audio/video out of sync when burning to dvd etc. However, it has now, without warning started to crash whenever I try to put a full screen or overlay a title.

    The usual message "Studio has encountered a problem and needs to close" etc.

    I do not want to go through the process of a full install again with regdelete if I can help it.

    Any ideas as to what might be wrong please?

    Many thanks


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    elephix2 Guest


    I've had this problem quite a bit as well. I had a huge problem with Title Deko with Studio 8. After I downloaded the updates/patches, it seemed to work fine. Since then, I've upgraded to 9 and haven't had problems since.

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    Ray, I was having this problem and went into edit and increased the time setting for titles/stills. The program has not crashed since. Fozj

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    Default slightly changing subjects mid-post

    Hey, I don't want to change subjects mid-post, but some of the things you guys were talking about are the same problems I had. As far as TitleDeko crashing. Once I downloaded the patches, it all worked fine.

    Specifically to the guy who said "I upgraded to 9 and have had no problems since" ....I'm having a problem with S9.

    I always get that Windows Error "...has encountered a problem and must close" when I try to render a DVD project (during the encoding) or after i capture as an MPEG-2 and it's encoding after (sometimes). It seems that my computer has a hard time with all the MPEG-2 Encoding stuff. I've been up and down the forums. My system is way past par. Any help??

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