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Thread: NOIRE: Ep 2- dark, experimental, action webseries

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    Lightbulb NOIRE: Ep 2- dark, experimental, action webseries

    So we finally got around to finishing up the second episode to our series. For those who don't know what this series is, the first episode is on our channel. Short premise - severe amnesiac is forced to join group of underground, esoteric vigilant assassins, in a city filled with violent criminals. Leading up to this episode, his untapped skills keep emerging through the various tests the assassins' group trials him with. He has one more test.

    Like the first episode, we shot this and began editing as students (which may or may not come off to you as you watch this). Unlike the first, this one is far more character driven and developed, with much less action.

    As the title states, this is all experimental to us, yet an experiment with direction.

    If you have any questions, comments, or general review, don't hesitate to post! I'll try to get back to each.


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    I didn't have time to watch the whole piece (made it to 3:40) but it was well made and I may return to watch more.

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    As I recall, several of us took time to watch and them more time to comment on your first episode, which we were happy to do. However, I note that you have not returned the favour and commented on a single film made by anyone else, not offered advice to anyone in any of the help sections or even made any general comments.

    If you want feedback, then please help others by giving them feedback too.

    It's a two way street.

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    I had the time to watch the whole thing, but unfortunately I didn't. Visually it looked pretty good, no background noise which is a plus. Lighting was decent, but the thing that ruined it for me was the dialog and the actors you had saying them. I found it predictable, I was saying most of the lines before they said it. The actors seemed to force it out so it didn't come out as natural. For me that is a pretty big sign of how the rest of the short film will be which makes it unbearable for me to finish. I have a feeling this short film can turn out amazing, but it needs a few more things to it before it gets to that quality. Good job though!

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