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    Hi there, first post from total newbie. I have some old 8cm DVDs taken on a bog standard Sony handycam and would like to convert them to editable files on the laptop. Have tried very hard to read up on the web and can see there seem to be significant complications and everybody says they wouldn't have bought one if they knew it was not possible to edit them (me included!). Every website seems to recommend a different piece of software I've never heard of and a different technique but most seem to be quite old info. Is there a standard method in 2015 that would enable me to do this. If not are there any reliable and inexpensive services out there who would do it for me perhaps? I'm running a Windows 7 laptop. Thanks in advance for any pointers

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    You might download the free fully functional time-limited trial of e.g. Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum to see how it suits your needs.
    Read these two texts first though.
    DVD camcorder import topics
    Importing video from a DVD camcorder

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    Thank you very much. Sony must have listened to their customers and made some changes. I'll give it a go.

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