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Thread: How to choose appropriate video volume?

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    Default How to choose appropriate video volume?

    Hi all,

    Firstly, I apologise if this is in the incorrect section, I was torn between this one and "How do I do this?".

    I am, as the category title suggests, an absolute noob at video editing, so I'm sorry if this is a stupid question.

    How do I know what is a good volume for the audio in my video?

    I edited and uploaded a video last night which sounded absolutely fine to me through my headset, but I had multiple people tell me that the audio was too quiet. I know how to physically change the volume (I use Adobe Premiere Pro), but I just don't know how to determine whether or not it's an appropriate volume.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Average levels around -16dBFS are reasonable. Perhaps a little lower if it's just spoken word. You could just turn it up but you risk hitting the absolute limit for audio peak levels, 0dBFS, which is bad.

    If your audio track has one unbroken block of audio I would suggest you apply peak normalization and then pull it down by 0.3dB. If your audio track consists of multiple blocks of audio I would suggest placing a mastering limiter on the main audio bus and setting the threshold to barely affect the highest peaks, then turn its ceiling/output down 0.3dB. That is, if Premiere has these audio tools. If not then you can export the audio as a single file and process it in an audio editor. Or maybe there's a competent audio person around here somewhere who would be willing to do it for you.

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