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Thread: "Danube Blue Airport Linz" Edit/Trailer/Impressions

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    Default "Danube Blue Airport Linz" Edit/Trailer/Impressions

    Well basically, this is my first reallife edit with my own camera. I got the chance to go like "behind the scenes" in an airport and record a little trailer for them. It's an austrian airport in linz.

    Give me some feedback, the camera quality isn't perfect, but in the future i want to buy me a nice one.

    Appreciate every feedback, thanks!

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    The shots would have been cool if it hadn't been stills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ros.pianoden View Post
    Cool. I like this one
    Thanks dude!

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    As i said, first time ever doing something like this, and what you mean with "stills", it's actually moving as you can see in the video. But thanks anyways!

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    Stills are pictures/images/photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Stills are pictures/images/photos.
    Check out 1:11. There's a tiny bit of movement!
    sedogs- it does look like a slideshow created from a bunch of stills.

    I think this is a common mistake with beginning video. We think we want a nice clear shot of the object we are filming, but actually the shot needs movement and very often human interaction to give it context and life.

    You've tried to create interest by animating the shots, but what you really need is movement within the shot. When shooting buildings of objects, if they don't move themselves, I always try to get shots of people interacting with them (walking through doors, climbing stairs, touching objects etc. This adds the human element and brings life to the film much more effectively than an animated image. Still images in video look much "deader" than still images intended to be viewed as stills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Check out 1:11. There's a tiny bit of movement!
    Indeed but it was also rather zooming than moving the camera

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