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Thread: 3D Camcorder - Horizontal Squash

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    Unhappy 3D Camcorder - Horizontal Squash

    Hello, forum-goers. This seems like a great place to get some help. If you're willing, of course.

    I recently launched a site that hosts streaming video. We're researching 3D content, so I bought a JVC Everio GS‑TD1 for testing. Got it off of Ebay from Japan for cheap.

    I'm having issues with playback and editing. Camera outputs a side by side MTS file. AVCHD as far as I know. On Windows 8.1 in Windows Media Player, I get two side by side frames. Normal. If I play the same video in VLC, the side by side frames are squashed into what seems a 1920x1080 resolution.

    What's worse... if I do ANY post work, the resulting video doesn't look right in anything. I'm curious as to what workflow I need to make these videos look right.

    Much appreciated,
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