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Thread: Join two versions of a movie for audio

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    Default Join two versions of a movie for audio

    I have a few movies in two versions:
    - In good quality with English audio
    - In bad quality with Polish audio.

    I would like to get the Polish audio and add it to the video with better image quality. The problem is that these versions are of different speeds, and starts with a little shift. What software and method would be the best to align the audio with video? I can use OS X or Windows for this. It would be great if there was automated way to do this, but good manual way will also be great. I was thinking about using waveforms or similar video frames to align somehow.

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    what you could do is load both audio tracks next to each other in an audio editing program like Audacity for example and roughly adjust the timing on the polish audio to match the English audio. Save the results and add that edited audio track to the English video. (Always keep a back up copy in case you mess something up)
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