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    I came across this the other day. Looks interesting.

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    Indeed. He makes the point that hitherto light companies have tended to put LED panels into housings identical to or very similar to housings for tungsten/halogen lamps.
    Of course this is not necessary and the manufactrers of this seem to be the first to realsie it (or at least bring it to market)

    Of course the advantage in using "traditional" housings is that it is easy to make use of existing filters, gels, barn doors etc... but for people just starting to build a lighting kit thar doesn't really matter.

    I wonder what Rembrandt Rob will make of these?

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    You make a good point about adding it to existing kit etc. I liked the original thinking and the fact they are so transportable. I'm not sure the best way to use them. I'm not a lighing expert, I just thought they looked interesting.

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    Saw them in Amsterdam (trade show, not strip show) and they are impressive. I can see lots of potential use for them, especially in difficult-to-get-at positions and for constructing sets.

    However, they are not at all controllable, a bit like using a sawn-off shotgun in a target shoot! The light goes everywhere as well as where you want it. I notice he had to put it in a softbox to use it as a video lamp!

    There is a reason why lighting designers put leds into a housing, just like he ended up doing!

    One thing he doesn't show is the strange multiple shadows which happen if you don't diffuse it. And diffusion loses a lot of the output. Also, it is not at all kind to skin tones, he is comparing it to a cheapo fluo-bulb which looks like @$% anyway. When it comes to skin tones you just can't beat tungsten (but tungsten is hot, needs a lot of juice and lamps need replacing).

    So yup, would definitely have one on the lighting truck but would only use it for certain effects.

    Edit: The one valid point he did make is that leds are definitely improving. Every year they get better and better at the top end of the market. This has a "trickle down" effect and slowly the cheaper leds are getting almost usable!
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    I think you've hit the nail on the head there Rob, the key word is "potential". They are not there yet but show great potential for futer incarnations.


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