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    This is my first post , I am shooting video with a canon DSLR 60D and have some pretty good quality .. I load it into iphoto and it even looks good even on big HDTV but when I load it into imovie the quality drops down quite a bit .. My aim is to end up on DVD . Any help will be welcomed ...



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    Dunno about iMovie, but previewing whilst editing does not necessarily give the same quality as the final image. Try rendering (eg creating a DVD) and see what the quality is like there. I suspect you're worrying unduly.
    (BTW DVD quality is what most people are happy with on TVs, but remember that isn't even HD quality)

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    If it is the final video exported from iMovie that doesn't look good, the problem may be related to bitrate

    Although the 60D uses a variable bitrate, I think it could give you around 45 Mbps while iMovie on iOS exports at around 20 - I'm guessing that the iMovie export would be less than half the size of the original (try just re-exporting a raw clip from iMovie to see if this is the case) - if this is iMovie on Mac, you may have some quality settings to play with

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