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Thread: Best video editing software when using 4 cameras

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    Default Best video editing software when using 4 cameras

    Hi all,
    Currently I am using power director 13 which has a feature that allows me to use the footage of four different cameras at the same time (the program synchronizes them all), by using my keyboard I can make a video that switches between views very quickly (I need to follow the action so I may only need two seconds of footage before I switch do a different camera).
    I need to use it this way as I don't want to spend all the time making 2-5 second videos and then joining them all up.
    It's an amateur football game taken with four different cameras set up around the oval; I need the program to allow me to switch between camera views depending on where the ball is.
    Now this works great in theory, but in reality power director can't handle it it simply skips footage for no apparent reason, the video freezes while the audio keeps working and so on ... please note that I am not knocking the program as it is a great program, except for this crucial area!
    My question is simple, is there another video editing software that allows me to synchronize between cameras and allows me to switch between them very quickly and constantly.

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    Sony Vegas has this. Download a free trial and see if it suits.

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