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Thread: Green screen hand removal from a pet

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    Talking Green screen hand removal from a pet

    Hi you guys i m new here,

    Can you guys give me tips on directing a video - the scene is simple but the actuall end product is far from it...
    I want to have a "ghost hand" peting and moving a cat (kinda generic ghost scene)

    The plan is for me to wear a green-chroma glove and then digitally remove the hand - make it "transparent"

    Any tips, help instructions are welcome big time!!!!

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    I'm not sure you would need to use an actual hand, you could just distort the fur to give the illusion that the cat is being touched by a hand.
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    A green glove is not going to give you what you want. Think about it. The green in the video of you stroking the cat will become transparent. So what shows through is the video/image in the layer beneath which is ... ?

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    I was thinking i have to remove the whole hand out of the "shot" so i guess it would make it easier for me to edit if i could put a "layer" over the green screen - a layer of fur and some background if you know what i mean ....

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    Are you wanting a semi transparent hand which actually moves the fur (as if stroking the cat)? If so you will need to animate the fur. If you just want a ghost hand that looks like it is stroking the cat but not having a physical effect on the fur then you could just shoot it twice (once with the hand and once without but you would need a very compliant cat!)

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