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Thread: How Can I Cover Faces In Video With Specific Image ?

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    Question How Can I Cover Faces In Video With Specific Image ?


    Im pretty new to editing and I'm looking forward for your help on this matter. Like I said in the topic, I want to cover face in few videos with the image I choose. I dont know any programs that allows me to do that. Could you guys suggest me any easy-to-use programs for it ?

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    You either set the position for each frame manually or you use object tracking e.g. in blender.

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    In my experience tracking is the easiest way. There are a quite a few programs that can do that for you. From my personal albeit limited experience the easiest programs are either Corel VideoStudio Pro and Adobe Premiere or After Effects. I know that you can get the Adobe products free for 30 days (and I even heard someone once mention that you can re-register a free 30 day trial for each of your unique emails but I can't confirm if that is true).
    Apparently Blender can do it too but since I come from a 2D background the 3D oriented GUI from Blender has so far scared me off to even try learning to use it.

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    Thanks guys I'll check them out whenever I can. I need like 5-10 seconds in total of 5-10 minute of video. Is it matter to choose a program if I need to do this face covering stuff only that little ?

    Meaning I should use a program if Im going to use this feature almost whole video or if Im going to use this just only few seconds and choose a easier program ?

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    even 5 to 10 seconds would amount to 120-300 frames. If the faces don't move too much during that time you could just do it with Windows Movie Maker without too much of a hassle...

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    Thanks again for your replies, Im so sick and busy nowadays that I couldnt reply. Well it is not moving much, I mean almost in the same zone do you happen to know a guide for WMM for this purpose ? If I decide that it is hard to do on WMM which program would you suggest ?


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    I currently don't have any audio but it looks like this guy has found a free and basically easy way to accomplish what you want:
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