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Thread: How can I rotate video orientiation in Linux?

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    Question How can I rotate video orientiation in Linux?

    Got some videos a mate shot using his iphone but they came out either sideways or upside down.
    Trying to make them the correct orientation.

    I've tried using VLC to do this, and while it will do it in VLC even converted files ONLY work in VLC..they display skewed in video editor like openshot. So I think that's really weird...but.

    QUESTION: Is there a way to make VLC actually rotate a video for real and save it in that orientation instead of just marking it in the header for vlc to rotate it?
    #2 Is there a way to do this in OpenShot?
    #3 is there another program I could use in Linux that will do this? Using MX14 (Debian).

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    Well, Linux it is not good operative and compatible system. Try to use Windows, or similiar.

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    You can rotate video in any decent editor - Vegas, Premiere, etc

    alternately, you can open the video in iMovie on your iPhone and re-save it as a new movie (which will be oriented correctly)

    note that while this will work fine for upside-down videos, your sideways videos have been recorded incorrectly for upright (so you will need to fiddle)

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    Intrigued by the question I did some searching and found out that the well known 3D video program Blender works well on Linux. Might be a bit over-kill for your purposes but definitely worth to take a look (scroll down a bit, Blender is the last program mentioned in that post.)

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    Openshot has the Rotate effect that does the job just fine.

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