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    Default New Juggling Video - Incredible Juggling - 4K

    So i hope i don't spam this forum to much with my Videos, but i now make a video every week, and yeah that means every week my Thread is cooming hahah
    So if you are interested i made a new Video with a very good Juggler, he can juggle up to 7 Balls at once, and we also filmed some fire clubs in the night
    So if you are interested check that out
    Have is the link:
    And by the way, some feedback is always welcome

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    Nicely done but changing the locations can't hide the juggling pattern getting a bit repetitive. I's like to see close-ups of the hands while juggling. I really dug the night shot in the tunnel. The fire made a nice play of lights on walls and ceiling.

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    Agree with everything BigRay said above. But I'd add ...

    I got bored and looked at the time: 1:39. Fits perfectly with my theory that a montage to music, no matter how good, unless it has some real development should last no more than 1:30.

    I did not like the changes of look - especially where the image seems to blow out. The high contrasty looks seemed much more appropriate.
    The shots inside the car park looked decidedly lower quality (presumably due to low light/added gain).

    Having said that I loved the camera movement and the high/low angles.

    So, great attempt. Could do better

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    I agree with most of what's been said. I thought the video looked good but was way to long. I got very tired of the swooping camera shot, it always seemed the same to me. And as good a juggler as he is the video seemed more about the camera work than the juggling.
    Not knowing what this videos purpose is, this comment might not matter but if it is for him to get work I'm left feeling like I've seen all he can do. It does look slick and well produced however.
    Rock on!

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