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Thread: Need help setting up hard drive

  1. Default Need help setting up hard drive

    I was dropping frames a while ago which I should not have been. Hopefully that problem will be fixed now, but I still have yet to test it. I just bought a 200 gig hard drive and installed it as my Primary 0 boot drive and made my other hard drive which was originally the Primary 0 boot drive into the slave drive. Any suggestions so far? ok, now I want to make it so i can choose which one to boot into. At the moment both the hard drives are listed in My Computer even tho I have Windows XP installed on both hard drives. I was hoping they would be more seperated. The reason is im afraid stuff i download on the former boot drive which is now my slave drive will download stuff like spyware which will cross paths into my clean 200 gig hard drive. I want to keep them totally seperate so that one drive cannot even be accessed from the other. How would i do this, and is this the best way to keep my new boot drive clean for digital editing?

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    First off, you will need a boot manager, in order to keep drives completely separate. This is quite a wide topic because depending on where drives are physically (primary or secondary, master or slave...) there is a predetermined boot order.

    Then you have the fact that the OS itself writes information in the hard drive boot sector at the time of install, and you don't want this overwritten.

    In Windows XP you can certainly make one drive "disabled" so that Windows won't put it in the list of drives, and if you did this one way round on one install and the other way around on the other install, then you'd be OK, but you'll find that one will refuse to boot.

    Spywares and the like will only affect the current running system in 95% of cases. Viruses might get about a bit. So yes you could keep everything separate completely, but then you won't be able to use the quickest drive when you boot to the slower drive if the quicker drive is diabled when booting from the slower drive.

    That's some preliminary thoughts, about booting you might have to do a bit of Googling I don't quite have time to explain it all right now (at work!)


  3. Default another problem

    Well, before I try going through such lengths to seperate the drives maybe i should try to fix the original problem first. I tested out my digital video capture once again on my new drive, and the same problem... any suggestions? I drop roughly 4 frames per minute, sometimes more, sometimes less. Its not much but ill have to fix that problem before I bother editing the video. Any suggestions?? Its really starting to get frusterating and I can't diagnose the problem

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    Could you confirm which motherboard manufacture/model you have, together with the make & model of your new arddrive. This will help enormously in isolating a few potential problems by checking out their "vital statistics".

    Your new harddrive may well be state of the art kit, bit it's power may be "bottlenecked" by your other hardware and connections. How have you connected the new drive? You first step should be to disconnect the old harddrive completely and connect the bew one using the IDE ribbon cable bundled with the new HD - assuming you went for a retail rather than OEM unit. (I'm also assuming you currently have them connected in parrallel).

    Also, take a look at the existing IDE cable and compare it to the new one - does the new one seem to be made up of more lines?

    Until I get more specs on you Mobo and HD, I can't really comment further.

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    How do i get info on the motherboard? in my Dell manuel it doesn't really give it a name. My processer is P4 1.8ghz with 512MB Ram and an ATI Radeon 7200 video card i believe it is. Its a Dell Dimension 4300. My new hard drive is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200gb. Also keep in mind i was having the same problem with my original hard drive that came with the computer and there was nothing even attached to the slave. Now i have it setup so my new 200gig ATA hard drive is setup as the primary 0 master drive on IDE1 and my old master drive is now a slave on the same ribbon as the new master drive. I will open up my computer again if necessary but If u have any suggestions as it is, let me know. I do however remember the ribbon i replaced (the one that came with the new hard drive) had one more of those pluggin inputs in the middle. The one before that, used for the original boot drive had 1 of them missing in the middle. And yes the new hard drive is retail, not OEM. Im not sure what it means to have them connected in parrel.
    Any suggestions so far? Im bout to disconnect the 2nd slave drive like you said, tho, once again, i dont think it will do anything considering I was having the same problem with the hard drive that came with my computer when it was the only one connected.

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    I did a google search, but wasn't able to verify whether I was correct in thinking that connecting two drives in parrellel (i.e on the same IDE channel) meant that the faster disk transferred data at the same rate as the slower one. If this was the case, putting the faster drive on the same channel as the slower one would limit the new go-faster disk to the pace of the old one. If you get me!

    Moreover, the faster disk technology "may" not be supported by your Mobo, but if it's a new PC this shouldn't be a problem.

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    I disconnected the old drive from the middle grey slave plugin along with its power so its not even connected to the PC hardware anymore in any what way. Still no luck... ANy suggestions? I dont really know how to find out what type of motherboard I have.

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    Something is clearly amiss here. I didn't have frame dropping issues with a shitty old PC a couple of years ago with a much worse hard drive, it was only 6GB and on an old IDE DMA33 interface. The fact that you have a grey slave part on your cable, and the cable fits on your motherboard, means that you have at least UDMA100 if not 133. This is perfectly adequate.

    One thing I'm not sure we've looked at are your capture settings themselves. Are you using software compression at the time of capture? Could we start to narrow stuff down along this front as well? Because if you're compressing as the data is coming in, and the video is high res, and you're using, say, MPEG2 (or MPEG4) compression, then maybe that is the problem. Your processor and stuff should be able to handle it but maybe there's something not quite right. We perhaps need to establish if it's not some other bottleneck than your hard drive? 4 frames a minute isn't a lot, maybe just when the scenes are "difficult" to encode? 4 frames a second would be a big problem of course. What does the actual capture result look like? Is it always jerky, or sometimes? If the latter, are the jerky parts particularly when there is a lot of motion on screen?

    There are all sorts of other things that could be messed up too. Are you using ATI software to capture? Do you assign an IRQ to the ATI Radeon card? I know capture wouldn't work at all for me on my old machine with an ATI All in Wonder Radeon... until I assigned an IRQ to VGA in the BIOS. Is your capture card also an ATI card or is it something else?


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    The capture seems to be fine, every once in a while there will be a flash second where a couple pixels are white boxes a little smaller than a BB gun pellet. I dont know if i have any compression on, i just open up the program and capture. I usually set the capture to its highest picture: DV, cause i plan on making a DVD out of it so i want it to look as good as it does on the camera. Sometimes theres a slight jerk in the picture thats almost unnoticable but overall its fairly smooth. Are these normal symptoms??? Im using a OHCI compliant 1394 (whatever its called) card to capture through firewire, though my video card is an ATI Radeon All in Wonder. I think its a 7200 but im not positive, it came out roughly in the summer of 2001, tho im not using the video card for direct capture. My 1394 card is and ive tried all 3 ports with the same problem. I can't remember what brand the capture card was, but it was a pretty typical average looking brand from Best Buy. They only had 2 different types to choose from. Not sure what an IRQ is. Youll have to guide me with the next suggestion. Oh ya, one more thing that might possibly be the problem. My firewire has this bend in it, and I never really payed to much attention to it, most of the time a bend in a wire is no big deal. Its the clear plastic and I took a really close examination and noticed one of the sets of bristles that has more bristles clumped together is slightly split in the halfway section so the bristle wires are slightly split apart. Its almost unnoticable to the human eye but its there. Honestly, do you think this could be the problem? Im thinking about buying another later today and seeing if thats the problem.

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    Also forgot to mention the software I use to capture. The problem pertains to all software programs, tho not all of them (such as Windows Movie Maker) tell u whether you drop frames or not. Adobe Premiere lets me know when i drop frames tho.

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