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    I tried to make optical illusions with a recent gift. I didn't do very well but I'll post the results anyway.
    If anyone has any good ideas please let me know.

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    Maybe improve on the lighting and I was irritated that you could see the bottom of the glass in the front. Funny though

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    Start by firing the sommelier!!!

    You should get rid of the rim on the smaller glass (you can't see the rim on the larger one) - maybe use rotorooting or a necrotizing filter or some such
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    i'm trying to work out how you could introduce a very small person (ie younger than your daughter) and a very large person to emphasize the differences.

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    In keeping with the magical illusion, it could be the same person standing either close or far away

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    My thoughts:
    1. The shaking table only affected one glass. That would be strange if the 2 glasses were only next to each other.
    2. When pouring into the distant glass, the bottle looks smaller; and therefore the illusion is more easily lost. Could this affect of perspective (i.e. things look smaller further away) be lessened if the cam was further fro the table; and a longer lens was used?

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    Thanks for your thoughts guys. I think I should have a glass of wine and think about it. But which glass should I use ?

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