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Thread: New Splashdiving Video - GH4 4K

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    Default New Splashdiving Video - GH4 4K

    So i made a new Splashdiving Video
    I also posted my first Splashdiving Video in this forum, you can find the Thread here:
    You gave me a lot of feedback Thx for that
    But there were also things i could have made better, and that's what i tried in this second video
    So have a look on it and tell me what's good and what i should have made different

    So enjoy and watch the Video here:

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    Nice job. I think it's better than your first one.

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    I think you pulled out pretty much everything out of this content.

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    Okay thx

    So there sould not come a third one? hhahahah @XXLRay

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    Better. We get faces. I particularly liked the sitting up spitting out water. I'd like to see more reaction from the spectators. There's a good shot of someone diving (in slo mo) and as the camera moves it turns into an over the shoulder of a girl spectator at 0:51. This was a wonderful shot as we went from the surreal/technical of the dive in slo mot to the real world of someone watching. it would be so cool to follow that with a reverse angle of the girl's reaction.
    I also liked the closeup of the feet in the sand (we think "nice shot, but why?") followed by the guys practicing tumbling into the sand pit (We get the answer)

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    I enjoyed it a lot - great variety of shots - the music fit nicely - what are the wetsuits for? (everybody else is in bathing suits)

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    Thank you very much @TimStannard
    Yes i tried it a little bit to get some spectators into the video But yeah, i should have asked them if a can film then, then it would be much better hahah
    Yeah I'll tried a little bit of story telling with that little sand thing

    thx @zamiotana
    aaahm they are there for bad landings, cause in some jumps they don't land perfectly and it would have hurt a lot without the suits

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