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Thread: Jessie J, Arianna Grande, Nick Minaj - Bang Bang

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    Red face Jessie J, Arianna Grande, Nick Minaj - Bang Bang


    We are "BefoRe SUnday" and this is our new video!

    This time we used to different cameras for the recording (Nikon 550 & Canon 60D) and we had some problems trying to make them look the same during the editing process.

    I dont know if that had to do with the lack of white balance optimization by the cameramen. Anyway i hope you like it!

    Take a look and please share your opinion!

    <font color="#494C4C" style="color: rgb(73, 76, 76); background-color: rgb(230, 239, 241);">

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    Great recording and a nice looking video with good editing. The flaw for me was the singers looked like they were lip syncing rather than singing. When lip syncing the singers really MUST sing and sing in the same manner in which they recorded otherwise I just looks plain wrong. The rap section was the most authentic looking (although I'm not sure I was able to concentrate too much on the lip sync because the skimpy shorts kept drawing my attention )
    looking back I realise I've been critical, but it's well intentioned. i really like your music and your visual style.

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    I also had that lip sync feeling and didn't like the lighting in the floor too much. Apart from that nicely done.

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