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Thread: Best Gear On 4000-5000 Budget?

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    Smile Best Gear On 4000-5000 Budget?

    I'm looking for some advise on the best camera to buy on a 4000-5000 budget.

    Our project is to put our training courses onto an online platform in video format.

    It will be recorded in a studio and some set locations.

    I've already got zoom h4n and wireless mic for audio.

    For all our past videos I've used a Nikon d3200 and now it's time to get some pro gear as the quality has to be great.

    I'm not sure if I will need two cameras or spend more and get one.

    From the research I've done the cannon 5d mark iii and 7d seem to be quite popular or the c100 however that is at the top end of my budget.

    Would really applicate some help.

    Kind regards


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    Hi there!

    Id be happy to weigh in on this as i own and work with gear in this price range. I've shot many training courses aimed for an online platform, This is just my opinion from my experience. There's a dozen different setups you could get for this price range and there's many pros and cons to each setup.

    Personally if your shooting training courses for online distribution you don't need to worry about 4K, you just need something that solidly shoots 1080p with interchangeable lenses. You could look into the c100 but for your budget you could get two camera bodies with lenses and be able to achieve exactly the same output for your purpose.

    I have a Canon 5D mk2+mk3 and have a 7D as a backup.

    Firstly your H4N is a perfectly fine starting point for audio so you needn't invest there.


    Sony A7S Body x2 3200
    Batteries x4 200
    Yongnuo led panels x 3 100
    1500 left for lenses. Fast prime and a Zoom lens Perhaps the Canon 24-105mm
    *May need lens adaptor

    The A7S is great camera with expansion to 4K external recording down the line should you're needs change. It also has many well thought out features for a wide range of applications. It is also incredibly good in low light situations.

    Now the reason i've put this as option one is that price was compared to the Canon 5DMK3 i would never choose the MK3 over the Sony. The 5DMK3 is a great camera, if you look in the user video section i've just linked to a documentary we shot entirely with it. It is limited with frame rates and low light. The mk3 is outdated in many aspects at the moment where as the Sony A7S is relatively new on the market, and you may be able to grab an upcoming sale as the A7SII has just been released.

    The downside is that you either need to shoot with Sony lenses or get an adaptor for Canon/ Nikon. These can range from very cheap adaptors around 50 upto 400/500 for a reliable adaptor. The other issue to bare in mind as i listed above is batteries! Go for Sony ones that cost around 40/50 quid or you can buy a 'Dummy battery' that has an AC out meaning you can run it off an external portable charger. I've managed to shoot a 11 hour day without changing batteries on one of these doing that. It works out at around 80 for the dummy/ wiring and external source but will mean you don't have to worry about multiple batteries and charging.

    The light panels here are very cheap compared to other builds on the market. Yes these could be better in many aspects but with a decent battery life and easily stored away this would suit you perfectly for any head to camera pieces.

    I hope this helps. If you have your heart set on the Canons don't be put off by what i said above. I primarily use the mk3 and it is a great bit of kit, but it is now outdated and theres a lot of competition on the market now with better price points.

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