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    I made yet another one of my unboxing (and short review) videos. It came out to last three minutes but as the shortest similar one I could find was ten minutes in length. Now I am wondering if I probably cut it too short. If you keep in mind that there strangely enough is an audience for such videos would you have preferred it to be longer?

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    Not sure that's an unboxing video. Mor like a cross between an advert, a basic user guide and a mini review. As such I much preferred it to an unboxing video. If I was in the market for one, Idon't know what a longer review would tell me. I think the length is fine, my next step (if I was interested) would be to see a real demonstration or borrow one to play with.

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    I enjoyed it - especially the banjo section

    good concise explanations, especially with respect to the limitations of the technology

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    id say that was more of a review than unboxing guide ! definitely NOT too short,

    interesting to note you still require a traditional vacuum to suck the crap from the robot
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

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