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    Smile Mega Man In Real Life - Video

    Hello guys!
    I have made a new episode in my "in real life" series. This time it's about Mega man. The main character, Andreas, accidently kill mega man and now it's up to Andrew to stop dr. Wily and his robots! This is the fifth episode of the "In real life" saga. I hope you enjoy it


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    I wish I had a clue about what was going on as this looks like a really good job.

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    Nice job on the effects. If I am picky all I have to say is that they could blend in a bit better but the way they are is absolutely acceptable for this genre. Generally it could have been cut shorter (e.g. getting out the jacket at 1:10) and the intro is far too long.

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    I understand that it can be difficult to understand, especially if you have not played the games. But thanks for the comment!

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    Thanks for the criticism! Next time I'll try to cut down intro to 20-30 sec. But it is difficult when the previous episodes are about 30 minutes together.

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