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Thread: Dobra reservoir - nature and climbing - Lumix GH4 7-14mm and Glidecam

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    Red face Dobra reservoir - nature and climbing - Lumix GH4 7-14mm and Glidecam

    Hi friends
    I've made a new Video at the Dobra reservoir with the Glidecam Hd 1000 and my new lens the Panasonic 7-14mm. It handles pretty well on the Glidecam and the shots are getting even more smooth. But i don't wanna tell to much, because i think you can see everything in the Video

    Here is the link:

    If you enjoy, i would be really happy if you leave a like or a comment

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    Yep, it's smooth. Nice bits of a story, too. It could have been a bit more than just showing smooth camera motion though. Improve on the story telling. The ruins e.g. came out of nothing for me. Film people moving along the bridge, then looking at the arc and then start the glide action.

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    Yup i know, when you know how to tell a story everything is fine But it's very difficult hahah But i'll try my best next time
    Thank's for your tips

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    I thought the video was great - smooth for sure - lots of great shots

    i found the soundtrack inappropriate and turned it off after 20 seconds so I could enjoy the video - I think of something like Perez' "Media Luna" (ambient mix) as a good combination with your video

    Great job
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    Ya i know, some people like the music some don't...but thx for the Soundtrack
    Probably i'll use it in my next "Glidecam Signature Series Showreel" hahah

    But i wan't to use copyrightfee music, and the track i used in this video is royalitiy free, so i have no copyright issues

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