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Thread: My trip to Sardinia, Italy

  1. Default My trip to Sardinia, Italy

    Here is my family trip to Sardinia, Italy.

    Filmed by GoPro black hero 3.
    The film was made by me.

    Music: Virtual Riot - Energy Drink 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights - Escape

    I would like if you give me some notes such as good things and bad.


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    My grumpy opinion is that it is potentially a good "memories" film for those involved, marred by far too many effects and leaving in too many average or poor shots among the good ones.
    For example there are far too many shots where the horizon isn't level - some are excusable if there's "once only" action in the shot and some dutch tilt can add something to a film (especially if you're shooting a mood noir pice) but the shot at 0:54 is a contender for "shot that should be left out" of the year. Similarly there are a couple of shots around 1:12 of you guys in a restaurant - fine, a reminder of a good time, but the camera lens is smudged - over your faces! This is not liek a shot under duress in a war zone, or even in the sea where splashes are acceptable - even desirable.Surely you could find alternative shots of you at a restaurant.

    Some live audio might have adde atmosphere.

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    Hi Tim,

    First of all, i appreciate your comment. Actually, we didn't make a lot of shots so i didn't have any alternative shots to use. The main idea of the trip was not to make a short movie, i came back home and decided to make the best video i can with the best materials i have.

    thanks again

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    What Tim said and cut it shorter. A random example is the shot at 0:26. Cut it before the actual jump.

    Work on your technique. Be aware of the horizon and clean your lens before every shot. It needs practice to get used to it.

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    I understood what he said. It is the first GoPro video i did, so i am learning.


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    No need for excuses. Just take it like a man

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