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Thread: what is this effect? And how to get rid of it?

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    Default what is this effect? And how to get rid of it?

    Please have a look at this short video:

    What is the distortion effect? Rolling shutter? Rolling shutter correction does not remove this horizontal distortion.
    Can it be stabilised / corrected?

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    I'm still very inexperienced with video but it doesn't seem like a video problem but more of an audio problem. If you mute the audio is it still there? If it was really windy you might get a similar noise. I'm a musician and often record outside and have gotten some distortion but never quite that bad. I don't usually record that high up though. I would imagine one of the more experienced members might be more help. The video itself looks pretty good so my guess is it an audio issue and with that much distortion I wouldn't Think it could be fixed.
    Good luck!

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    Still looks like rolling shutter to me... Rolling shutter correction sadly ain't a magical solution to all your shutter speed issues. In regards to the question if it can be corrected, I believe there is a chance that it might be possible to smooth it out a bit but I estimate that it would not be worth the trouble if you would try to correct it completely.
    Stabilising the shot and possibly slowing it down might make it more pleasant to watch though.

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    Looks simply like vibration to me probably in combination with rolling shutter. Have you tried stabilization?

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