Hi everyone.
I've been happily making home movies of my family for over 10 years. I use my trusty Panasonic NV GS400 DV (tape) and have always been happy with Pinnacle Studio. My latest version is 15. I've also got Power Director 9 which I have used a couple of times but always go back to Studio simply because I am very familiar with it - creating menus and chapters etc.
Yesterday I began a new project (the last one being 3 weeks ago). When I started editing, the video in the preview window would freeze and jump for a few seconds then play ok but as soon as I paused it or moved along the time line to another section it would do the same. The audio is fine and plays along even though the film initially jumps and sticks. This has never done this before. I then tried editing other films and videos of different sizes but all do the same. Even though I haven't changed a thing about my pc I decided to update the audio and video drivers - this made no difference. I was thinking about doing a recovery on my pc (which would be a major pain) when I thought of trying out Power Director. This was fine - absolutely no problem. I also tried opening AVI files I'd previously created on the pc and they also were fine.
It seems to be only with Studio. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Studio but that made no difference either. It has made using Studio impossible. You can't stop and start a clip at an edit point when it freezes and jumps each time.
My first question is - does anyone know why this has suddenly started to happen and how to correct it. I've had same PC and Studio for years and have made a lot of movies.

My second question is this. If I need to jump about between Studio and PD9 ie create an AVI file on Studio (of the project so far) - load that AVI file in PD9 to continue the edit - make an AVI of that - then finish the project on Studio ie DVD menus etc. will I lose any quality going from AVI to AVI to AVI.
I suppose I'm also asking when you make an AVI on any editing programme then edit it later on to create a "new" version of it do you lose quality?

Thanks for any help and advice.