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    Talking Video Contest

    Hey guys,a friend made a video for a contest. Can you watch it and tell me if its ok? What needs to be done or improved to keep the viewers interest.

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    You need to fix the audio.

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    Add white balance correction and stabilization.

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    But other than the audio and the video it's ok

    The story was obvious so I guess you don't even need the audio - but for sure you're better off sticking with really really really bad audio than covering it over with a really really really bad {enter the name of your favourite band here} song

    the shots at the computer were a bit long but the shots outside were ok

    the pink shorts were a bit over the top, unless this was a color correction error
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    I agree about the audio, couldn't hear or understand anything. The shooting game scene went on way to long and why was the girl wearing the same clothes the next day?
    The outside shots looked good, I guess the story is dork gets ignored by girl, wins gambling money, buys clothes and gets girl?
    Good luck in the contest!
    Rock on!
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