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Thread: I recently submited my first entry for a short film contest

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    Default I recently submited my first entry for a short film contest

    Hey guys,

    I entered in a short film contest from a national tv station with the requisits that it should be recorded with a smartphone/tablet and maximum duration of 2 minutes on the horror genre.

    I had great expectations since I got a friend with a decent cellphone camera and we got a quite nice spot to film, but the editing turned out to be not that great in my opinion.

    Here's my shot:

    I'd honestly like to know what you guys think. For me, the 'vfx' were the worst part since and I'd to have some advice on how to make a decent ghost/shadow. My attempt was made on green screen but the shots weren't too good and neither the tracking. What would be the best way for an fx like that?

    Here's the shot without the fx's in case you wanna check it: ... X.mp4?dl=0

    This is really important to me, every feedback is welcome. Tyvm everyone!

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    I don't think it was bad. How did you do the tracking?
    Generally it could be cut shorter.

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    In this type of movie the scariest part is where the lights go out temporarily (eg the flashlight batteries give out or the power goes out or whatever) and you only hear stuff - monsters getting closer - heavy breathing - then there is a brief flash of light and you see something horrible just as the light goes out again

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    I tracked it manually, doesn't look that good too me, neither the motion and the look. Any tips?

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    You could try motion tracking in blender. It's free and not that difficult.

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    I think if you make the shadow a little more transparent it would look a bit better. BUT that's really what's wrong with this movie. I think you did ok with what you had and leaving the thin story line aside and just dealing with the technical side of things. Firstly shooting with a phone in a dark place, this will make your phone shoot at a very low shutter speed unless you use an app to set things manually. That is why any movement looks very blurry. Secondly you need to use something to stabilize the motion a bit. You can buy gimbals or make/improvise something to achieve this, just making some sort of handle or taping the phone onto a stick could help.

    You did ok with the Foley sound which helped to give the piece some atmosphere.

    Well done.

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    There was definitely some suspense built up but the blurriness got my eyes a bit. Maybe a selfie stick would help the stabilization in an affordable way. I thought the shadow looked OK but wasn't sure what happened at the end.
    Good luck with the contest.
    Rock on!

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