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Thread: Free alternative to Benny HIll theme?

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    Default Free alternative to Benny HIll theme?

    As we all know everything adding the Benny Hill them Yakety Sax to a video automatically makes it better (
    Unfortunately (for me) it is still protected by copyright and I am not willing to pay the royalties. Does anybody know a free alternative? The closest I could get was "Flight of the bumblebee".

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    This is the song you want (minus the intro)

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    Not too bad but as it is from 1962 I guess the copyright has not expired yet :(
    Usually that would be 70 years after the artist's death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Try Dewey's Ditty at

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    XXLRay you are doing Gods work. These songs are exactly the reason I came to this thread. On top of that it looks like you started the thread, didn't get the replies you needed, did the research on your own and then shared the fruits of your labor with everyone by replying to your own thread with your findings. That is some A+ human being action right there.

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