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Thread: Grading Advice and using Scopes?? (see test footage GoPro and C100 Canon Log)

  1. Default Grading Advice and using Scopes?? (see test footage GoPro and C100 Canon Log)

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    Hi Guys

    Above are a few test shots I recently did for a band on a roof... I've never had any training and everything I've learnt I've either learnt from video tutorials, or (mostly) from doing it wrong first time round.

    I used a GoPro Hero 4 and my C100 in canon Log. I know the two different cameras don't match very well, but I sort of like the contrast and think if I use longer transparency fades then it could look better.

    My question is about how to Grade using scopes and if there are any hard rules to apply or I should just go with my eye??

    I edit in premiere (see pic) and use the RGB waveform to check levels... As you can see with this clip (and with most of them) I set Shadows to around 10% as I thought the image looked to contrasty (not a word?) when I set them to the zero... Not sure if that's ok? I use 3 adjustment layers, the first with noise reduction, the second with sharpening and the third with film convert which I use to grade the clips. I do no initial colour correction, unless something looks terrible.

    In the past I've always just used my eye and often just stuck one adjustment layer across a whole sequence if I'm using the same camera. I may choose to change the levels slightly by eye, if a clip looks different from the rest, but otherwise I've never really scrutinised each individual shot. So I guess I'd like to know what my work flow should be, or is there no right and wrong?? What do most people do?


    Dan Redding
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