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    hey guys am a bit new to the editing game so need help please. i am using movie maker to edit footage from my panasonic gs120. All goes well and when i record back on to the camcorder and play this back onto the tv all is good. As u know i cannot burn to dvd from movie maker so i save as movie file in dv avi pal and import it into windvd to burn. However, all the burning process goes well, i use optimal burning and max quality. When i play back the dvd in my dvd player or any dvd player there is a considerable loss in quality. The most obvious loss is in panning where the whole pan is juttery. I dont know if i am being fussy but it is not good enough please help. I use windows xp sp2. athlon 64 3200. 1gb ram 200gig hard drive. cheers

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    I don't know about others, but as far as I'm concerned, since I found Mpeg for Premiere plugin I wouldn't switch to anything else. Very simple to use, you can choose the bitrate you like and other useful options, keeping under control the final file size (I look for the video track and I try to keep it under 4100 mb) when you generate the file for the DVD authoring tool. The quality? Excellent!!!! I even tried to fit an over 4 hour movie on a single 4.7 gb DVD, and the quality was quite good, way much better than 1 hour long movies generated by Nero Vision. I would recommend this to anyone interested obtaining a high quality DVD video. I think Mpeg for Premiere will work only with Premiere Pro (or up). and of course you'll need a good DVD authoring tool to generate menus and the final project which you'll burn to disc.

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