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Thread: Using EasyX Converter with Nero 66016

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    Default Using EasyX Converter with Nero 66016

    :cry: Need help here guys or ladies,once i convert using easyx im kind of lost on how to use nero to burn it to dvd.If someone would be so kind and tell me step by step on how to do it that would be great,or if you know where i may fine a guide that will show me how to do this.Im a newbie so any help would be so great.Thanks and hope to hear from someone soon.God bless to all

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    Sounds like it would be easy, but it's not.

    From what I can tell looking at their website, EasyX produces an AVI type file. If you want that to play in a DVD player, it'll have to be converted through a multistep process. DVD players require things to be just right. An error and you end up with an unplayable disk.

    The first step is to convert the AVI to the proper MPEG2 format. TMPGenc is a freeware program that does a very good, but slow, job of it. is their website.

    The next step is to produce the rest of the needed files so that everything can be put onto a DVD. This is called authoring. Menu(s) have to be made, index tables, fast forward-reverse and chapter marks added to the MPEG2 file too.

    If you have Nero Ultra, it's NeroVision Express can do just about everything in a very straightforward manner. Otherwise, you'll need to use a capable DVD authoring program. I don't know of any free ones that work well.
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