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Thread: Shorting entire video to looped part.

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    Default Shorting entire video to looped part.

    I have received a video, it is in 1080p quality with 30FPS, it is about 3 minutes long, what I did notice is, it's 3 minutes long only because of soundtrack in the back, but is actually a looped video that repeats every X seconds (about 3, not sure).

    Is there a program or a way to take the video and cut it on every begin and end, so I'll get 3 second video, and are able to repeat it on the website using <video> tags with some coding and this way save up bandwidth meanwhile having it look the same?

    NOTE: This is not pixel perfect loop. The frames from computer's perspective will look little off. (just like .jpg compression, same image can have different sightings according to computer)
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