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    Hey there, I'm a bit stuck on a project I'm working on. Ive created a large map of the whole Uk and was hoping to zoom in on an area to show the viewer the location of where the video was shot. Lets say I want to zoom in on a sports field for an idea of size. Once zoomed in the sports field needs to be as detailed as a photo without looking pixilated.

    So the map is created in photoshop. 30,000 by 30,000 (max pixels, I forget the number) Really it needs to be bigger but photoshop limits what I can save the file as if it gets any bigger. Premiere pro is limited to about a 16,000 by 16,000 or there abouts I believe so I can't import the image there to add the zoom animation (After effects is the same but I have little experience with after effects anyway) and is severely limited on how much It can be zoomed in on anyway. So I upgraded to Photoshop CS6 Extended as it has a built in video editing timeline but again it seems the zoom function is limited like Premiere.

    So I'm a bit stuck.

    Best case scenario, I build a huge map, 50,000 by 50,000+ with fine details when zoomed in like google street view. Then manage to animate the zoom for the video project.

    If that's not possible I'd need to create lots of maps, one for each level of zoom, assemble them all together somehow. But I'd need to create a lot of maps and I feel It's maybe not worth It. Not thought this one through as much though.

    Worst case scenario I have three maps, one for each level of zoom. A box appears to show the portion that will be zoomed next then it appears like a bit of a slide show. This I can do but It's not how I dreamt it. Wont look as good, will take longer but I may have to settle here.

    An alternative is I use a capture card and just manually zoom in on my big map in photoshop, then crop the edges after. But It feels weird that this is the solution... There must be a 'proper' way.

    So I was hoping someone had some ideas on how this could work (Hopefully I've explained it clearly enough). Perhaps a bit of animation software that can handle massive files? Or maybe I've overlooked something?

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    Fractal image compression allows you to zoom in on an image forever without introducing pixelation - the upsampled detail is random but consistent with the rest of the image - and more importantly it is sharp

    there was a photoshop plugin for this - I think it was called Genuine Fractals and then it's name changed to Perfect Resize or some such

    why don't you want to use google?

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Ill look into that.

    I want to add details not present on google maps. Also It will go on youtube in the end and I didn't like their terms and conditions.

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    I don't know anything about the advice given above & if you understand it go for it, I don't doubt for a 2nd that it is good advice. If I were trying to zoom in the way your describing, I would go with your 3 map approach and fade each map into the next. Not just slides abruptly changing but I think the fade/blend not sure what to call it. In WMM you can pull the clips so that they overlap in the timeline then they fade nicely into the next image. Just my very basic suggestion. Good luck & I would love to see & know what you decide & how you did it. Rock On!

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    Thanks for the reply! I'll fall back on the three map idea if I encounter anymore problems. But the capture card idea might actually work! VLC has a feature that records your desktop and all I need to do is open my map in photoshop and do the zoom manually then crop the video in premiere. As an added bonus it seems to automatically hide my mouse cursor! Not tested the whole process of editing the video after yet but Its looking promising, just worried about loss of video quality now.

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