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Thread: Thinking of buying a green screen kit, looking for opinions.

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    Default Thinking of buying a green screen kit, looking for opinions.

    So I have some ideas to make some videos for my day job (I'm an entertainer) and was thinking about buying something like this =shopperz_origin1-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creative ASIN=B00LV46738&ascsubtag=431094679-16-98805487.1437606690

    wondering if anybody had any opinions. I have little $$ so the price makes me smile but not sure of the quality?

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    It is a good price but only if you need everything in the list. Otherwise you are spending money on kit you will not use and you'd be better off just getting what you need but better quality.

    If you already have lighting, then you can pick up green-screen material from ebay for a song. It will probably be the identical material as is in this kit, in other words - thin. So get twice the length you need and double it up!

    I'm not at all a fan of those lighting units. In fact I hate 'em! They spread light everywhere apart from where you want it to go, in my experience.

    On the other hand, if you need everything in the kit, and it will do everything you want, it does look like good value.

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    Thanks for the reply. I don't have any of the equipment so it seems to me to be a good starter kit for a pretty good price. Is it the light bulbs or the fixtures that makes you dislike the lights? I've never done anything along these lines so I would love to see an example of what you would use.
    Thanks again, I am grateful for your help and opinions!
    Rock On!

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    Hi Hook, it's both, the fittings and the pig-tail-neons, which I'm not a fan of. Softboxes are fine but naked bulbs and umbrellas are like target shooting with a sawn-off shotgun. Some of the light will go where you want it but a lot will be shooting off in all sorts of other directions.

    Personally, I would start looking around on ebay for second hand fluorescents (kino-flo type). You can start off with cheap tubes and, when you get some extra cash, change them for proper Kino tubes. There's a lot of rubbish written about green-screen work as though it's some sort of black art. It's isn't. Just get an even light on the background and make sure that your foreground object or artist is far enough from the background that you don't get green light bouncing onto him/her/it and the rest is easy, especially with decent chromakey software.

    If you're just going to have a situation where you are standing in front of a green screen, for example like a newscaster, then the amazon kit is fine. It's only if you want to start doing realistic "green screen" when the problems can start as you try and match your studio light to the background.

    However, don't let my personal opinions stop you. It's better to have something, than nothing!

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